This website does not represent the views of the Coulston Foundation. It is a website to expose the truth and raise public awareness about a research facility receiving tax-payer funded revenue to cause suffering and death to chimps in its experiments.  This website will be removed promptly upon Coulston Foundation's pledge to relinquish custody of 111 retired Air Force chimps.
In 1999, Coulston is accused of more chimp deaths.
A bit of controversy outside of Coulston's facility
The story of the billboard
Coulston's Citations from the USDA
We're shut down and we come back!
A view from inside the Coulston Foundation
Strong advocates for the chimps at Coulston
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Along with many animal organizations, caring people have spoken out to oppose this decision.  This group also includes eleven astronauts who feel these chimps should not be sent to an experimentation laboratory that has a history of violating animal welfare laws.

After they, their companions, and their relatives had served in the Air Force for decades, 111 chimpanzees have been retired.  Unlike humans, "retirement" for these intelligent, social, and sensitive animals means going to an experimentation laboratory called the Coulston Foundation.
These are the types of animals killed by the Coulston Foundation.  And you've helped pay for it through your taxes.
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